Cure Telecoms marketing company specializing in equipment and electronic material
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Welcome to Cure Telecoms.

We are a newly created enterprise with the support of a multi task human team. Sharing a wide experience in the telecom, electronics, industrial, waste management, foreign trade and logistics market.

Our leading specialization area is the Electronic equipment and accessories procurement, from Cisco, IBM, Nortel, HP, Marconi, Siemens, Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Sun, Avaya, etc…

Procurements we perform with a high service level, high rated delivery times, professional advice, terms...

Servicios Ofrecidos
Cure Telecoms offers a wide range of services for enterprises in the Telecommunications field, TI, Wholesaler/Distributors and Industrial Electronics.
  • Test and repair services of data transmission devices.
  • Test and repair services of radio frequency devices.
  • Power source systems repair and complex power source for several industrial equipments: servers, automaton, UPS, laser devices,...
Ultimas Noticias
what about Refurbished Spares?

Look at these pictures, would you say they look like a Refurbished spare? , believe it or not, it is, and yes, it is original, and have never been used. Then, why isn’t it sold as new? Because the first buyer changed his mind and reject the piece to the distributor after opening the box. […]

Are new Standards really going to keep old PCs out of Landfill?

This new standard will create formal quality test for re-used equipment, creating a “re-used” label, which can be applied to re-usable equipment.