Cure Telecoms marketing company specializing in equipment and electronic material
Curetelecoms s.l

Who we are

Welcome to Cure Telecoms.

We are a newly created enterprise with the support of a multi task human team. Sharing a wide experience in the telecom, electronics, industrial, waste management, foreign trade and logistics market.

Our leading specialization area is the Electronic equipment and accessories procurement, from Cisco, IBM, Nortel, HP, Marconi, Siemens, Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Sun, Avaya, etc…

Procurements we perform with a high service level, high rated delivery times, professional advice, terms and compromise, very appreciated by our clients.

Services with a high added value which, no matter what manufacturer or specific technology, cope the following tasks:

  • Procurement, commercialization and sale of Excess Inventory equipments: Remarketing services for wholesalers and distributors.
  • Obsolete and end of life material’s purchase and assessment. (Service for manufacturers and distributors).
  • Complete and active logistic services, as well as great inventory management. (Service for manufacturers and distributors).
  • Screening (Quality Control) and equipment repair services.
  • Equipment engineering for manufacturers and operators: fault control, updates, cabling, massive handling, renewal and refurbishment.
  • Complete and certified residues management, according to the European environmental rules and standards, of the process generated residues as well as the final product residues at the end of its life.