Cure Telecoms marketing company specializing in equipment and electronic material
Curetelecoms s.l


Cure Telecoms offers a wide range of services for enterprises in the Telecommunications field, TI, Wholesaler/Distributors and Industrial Electronics.

Our high grade of compromise with our clients turns us into the perfect partner for big handlings, subcontracting, complete logistic services and massive quality controls.

We, as well, are specialized in very specific activities in different fields:

  • Test and repair services of data transmission devices.
  • Test and repair services of radio frequency devices.
  • Power source systems repair and complex power source for several industrial equipments: servers, automaton, UPS, laser devices, etc…
  • Intelligent logistic: Stock management, platforming, massive configurations, quality controls (screening) accessories and spare parts management.
  • Customized manufacture of cables according to the client’s requirements and needs.
  • Complete and certified residues management, according to the European environmental rules and standards, of the process generated residues as well as the final product residues at the end of its life