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what about Refurbished Spares?

Look at these pictures, would you say they look like a Refurbished spare? , believe it or not, it is, and yes, it is original, and have never been used.
Then, why isn’t it sold as new? Because the first buyer changed his mind and reject the piece to the distributor after opening the box.
How many pieces you think are rejected daily as this one was?
Using Refurbished Spares is another way of helping your company save money on your network infrastructure. Refurbished Spares will give you the same performance as new ones will do.
You have to bear in mind that “refurbished” doesn’t mean worn out, in many cases these called “refurbished” parts have NEVER been used, they have been returned by customers to the distributor because they ordered wrong, they come from distributor’s excess inventory, they were kept as spare “just in case” for equipments that finally never needed them, etc…
Even in the case that the spare has been used, as the word refurbish/refresh says, they have been totally re-manufactured with new parts when needed, checked and inspect. The quality inspection rate for a refurbished part is 100% of the units.
Smaller companies tend to be better at this than larger ones. Financial outlay on network and other IT infrastructure is typically a large proportion of a small business’ total overhead. Efficient purchasing departments already know about this refurbished spares market, saving for their business several thousands over the course of a year. New network devices aren’t cheap, and given the financial constraints under which many businesses are currently working, any net reduction in spend that can be achieved will be welcomed by owner, shareholders and bank manager alike.
Another advantage about Refurbished spare parts is the delivery time, spares will usually be “on Stock” at your favorite’s supplier warehouse just waiting for your order, you don’t need to stock your own spares “just in case” any more, your supplier will take the time and space you need to devote to your own product.
Whatever the size of the business, the key to maximize the money saving is directly related with the spent time in the parts and equipment’s search. Larger businesses can benefit from dedicated searching teams, properly incentivized to secure the best possible price, specialized in your Networking equipments technology, parts, updates and so on.
It might seem like a good idea to have a relievable highly skilled and technically experienced supplier who will help you manage your existing network, while getting for you the best prices, quality and delivery time.
So plan the best way for your business to maintain your existing network kit, or when update time comes, put the right people in place to execute that plan, and start saving on your Network budget . Select Cure Telecoms as your favorite Networking spare parts and complete equipments supplier, and enjoy the benefits of our services.